Hello! My name is
Daan De Deckere
I design & develop
Digital Applications

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Hello, my name is Daan De Deckere and I work as a freelance developer and user interface designer. I am very passionate about all things digital. Feel free to have a look around, and don't hesitate to contact me!

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Using the latest web technologies I create interactive websites and web applications. While I mostly work with React, I have worked in other frameworks as well, such as Angular and Vue.js. This is by no means an extensive list. I don't mind a challenge and love learning new things.

Helping my clients build the applications they need is priority number one. As such, I have worked in teams of various sizes using agile principles to deliver software on time and under budget.

Technologies I use

React, Angular, Vue.js, Redux, Typescript, Webpack, Node.js, npm, Bootstrap, SCSS


I have always been very creative. As a young boy, I spent a lot of time drawing and painting, hobbies I enjoy to this day. Later I would study graphic design in college. Nowadays I still find new ways to be creative, whether it's designing simple apps just for fun or even trying my hand at a MIDI keyboard.

I specialize in designing digital user interfaces. To ensure a steady and productive workflow, I begin by analyzing the client's needs, and more importantly perhaps, the needs of their users. Depending on the project, I may create wireframes before I move on to final designs.

Tools I use

Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

My Services

Development icon

Frontend development

I create the frontend of modern web applications using frameworks such as React or Vue.js.

Design icon

UI Design

I design user interfaces for websites and web applications, keeping usability principles in mind. I also love design in general. Branding, icon sets, animations,… you name it!

Architecture icon

Software architecture

Every client has unique needs and wants. I help them choose the right tools for the problems they are trying to solve.

Coaching icon

Training & coaching

I have experience teaching other people and teams, helping them build reliable, performant applications and writing clean, maintainable code.


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